Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Truly practical ideas for mothers of little ones

My friend Jessica has a wonderful post up tonight called Four Under Four Made Easier. Her suggestions are beautifully practical, and they are helpful for any mother, not just mothers with many littles. Jessica has an ability to parent her small ones with a grace that I aspire to reach someday, and I think her tenth point says a lot about why that is.
Prayer. Pray always, pray without ceasing. You cannot parent without God's parenting of you. Ask for his help, beg for his help, and when your prayers that they will JUST SLEEP aren't answered, pray for his help to take care of them and love them anyway. Thank him that they're here. Thank him for giving you food and shelter and family. Ask him to keep providing for you. Tell him you can't do it without him. Ask him to do it with you. Praise him for his inestimable love in the redemption of the world through our Lord Jesus Christ. Sing hymns to him through the day. Call him "Father" as you lay down to sleep at night. Mother of twins, of one, of more, of none, God alone can sustain you through this life.

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ruth said...

That's beautiful--and it applies all through motherhood, not just when they're little. Thank you.