Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I am continually grateful that we have so much space for the children to play in. Considering that we live in a condo in southern California, it is an amazing gift.

The strawberry patch is a few years old now and I can barely keep up with the production. Today I cooked 6 cups into syrup for pancakes (mmm!) and still had plenty leftover for nibbling!

Thomas has discovered that he can pick his own strawberries and send them directly from the patch to his mouth. Unfortunately he has not yet mastered not eating the stems and the occasional slug. We're working on that part. :)

My flower garden is so pretty it rather defies my ability to describe it. Take a look:

And while I weed and water and trim, the boys are loving the fact that it is hot enough to play in the pool!


Sarah Marie said...

Em, I love it! What a beautiful garden you've created! I'm jealous...

Aunt Sharan said...

Your strawberries are beautiful! We just planted strawberries for the first time this year. We'll see how they do in the Northwest. From what we hear, squirrels are the biggest problem.

Amber said...

Your garden is lovely, and I wish we had strawberries like that! I'm hoping in another year or two our patch will be producing like that too. And that's so great that you have room for a little pool for the boys in the back. I bet they are really enjoying that. Isn't it neat to see a garden grow and mature? I haven't been able to live anywhere for long enough to really see the fruits of my efforts like that. Hopefully we'll be staying at the house we're building for a good long while and I can enjoy and appreciate the fruits of my labors too!