Thursday, April 17, 2008

An example of baby sign in action:

While most of the signs Thomas uses are those which I have taught him, yesterday he came up with one by himself. I think this is wonderful, because it tells me that his mind is really absorbing and understanding the concept of signing, rather than just copying me without thought.

Yesterday morning Thomas had been bonked on the head rather too often. Each time he would come over to me, looking very sad with his hand up at the side of his head. Each time I'd say "oh, do you need a kiss?" and kiss his head. A few hours later he hurt his foot (this time I saw it happen) and promptly came over, looking very sad, with his hand once again up at the side of his head. Apparently he decided that this sign was the way to get a kiss!

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Dawn said...

What a smart cookie!

Our little guy is 13 months old and he absolutely refuses to use any of the signs we've tried to teach him. He actually gets angry if we sign "water," "milk," or "eat" to him.

He has invented his own signs for "all done" and "come here." I suppose he just doesn't like us telling him what to do!