Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I promise, you'll want to read to the end of this one.

The best days are the days when the morning runs smoothly. Something about starting the day out well just tends to keep it going well. And even if I end up dog tired by nap time and get nothing accomplished after 2pm, well, the morning went well!

We've developed a nice routine for the mornings, and the result is that almost every day I feel like we've at least started on the right foot. We get up and have breakfast, then all three of us get dressed and I take a shower if needed. The boys are wonderful about playing together in the early morning (after being fed!) and so usually a shower isn't a problem. I turn on a Psalty cd for them in their bedroom and so far no one has seriously injured the other. :) No, really, they enjoy the playtime. :) Once we're all ready to face the day, washed and dressed, I do what I've started to think of as the "morning chores". Nothing fancy - just making sure the dishes are washed and kitchen is clean, the bathroom has been swished and swiped, the first load of laundry is going (and if I'm really on top of things, hung up!) the beds are made and the floors are picked up. This can generally all be done, with varying levels of toddler assistance, before Thomas needs a nap around 9:30 or 10am. The boys either play or "help" me with spray bottles/rags, and I always have Jonathan help pick up the floor. This used to be cause for major tantrums, but since I've started being consistent about it he'll generally help without even fussing. Yay for consistency!

I really think that both boys prefer living in a picked up house. Jonathan is more likely to actually choose a toy to play with if they aren't all spread over the floor, and he's much more able to help with clean-up if it is a manageable mess. Besides, Mommy is more fun to be around if the house keeps some semblance of order! :) In any case, the result of our morning chores is a neat and tidy house, generally happy boys, and a happy mother. Doesn't that sound like a nice beginning?

From there we move on to Thomas' naptime and Jonathan's preschool time and then quiet time. I rest during J's quiet time. I'm finding, this pregnancy, that regardless of if I think I ought to be doing something productive during morning quiet time, if I do I actually end up less productive over the course of the day! Rest time is just rather essential right now.

And speaking of the reason I'm needing all this rest, we found out today that ...

we're expecting a BOY in September!

We're reasonably sure, anyway. The ultrasound technician had a hard time finding out, because our little baby is an active child! He spent the entire time kicking his legs, which makes it rather difficult to discover anything between them. From some angles he looked like a girl, and from some a boy, but the final consensus was BOY. :)

Isn't he cute? In this picture his face is turned toward you, and his fist is waving in the air. Ok, not the air, but you know what I mean. Also, you can't tell from the still shot, but he was practicing sucking and it was utterly adorable.

We make awfully nice boys, don't you think?

Doesn't that just make you want to meet the next one?


Sarah Marie said...

Yay! Nathan and I can't wait to meet our newest nephew... counting the days until he arrives. :)

theolsons said...

Three boys...awesome! Congratulations!
BTW is it too early to remind you to bring the slings on Sunday? :)

Aunt Sharan said...

The great aunt is very excited :)

Jessica said...

TOTALLY want to meet the next one! Thanks for posting a picture of him.

jonamie said...

Yeah! Three boys wow! One of my dear mentors once commented that with girls its all drama but with boys it's all energy. I continue to pray for health and energy for you as you await to meet the newest little dude. Yeah!

Amber said...

How exciting! And yes, I am very much looking forward to meeting this next little one. :-)

Mom said...

Exciting! Can't wait to meet this little fellow! Thanks for posting the picture.

allegra said...

Ack, I'm so behind! But I have to (swallow my embarrassment and) wish you congratulations! Three boys--so exciting!