Monday, April 21, 2008

What we've been doing lately

Reading, reading, and more reading. This past week Thomas decided that he LOVES to read, and to be read to. He'll frequently grab a book and come plop down in my lap (quite regardless of what I'm doing at the time!) :) It is awfully sweet and I'm enjoying it. It is a good reminder to me, too, to slow down and make sure that I am reading to the kids, not getting caught up in errands and chores and heaven knows what else that isn't really as important.

The boys all got hair cuts (don't they look nice? I think I'm getting better at this!)

This is the "I'm busy watching a movie and can't be expected to look at a camera" pose. :)

Jonathan has been enjoying preschool time. We made thank you cards after his birthday - paint hand prints. We talked about why we were making them, who we'd send them to, and Jonathan even specified exactly what text he wanted me to write on the cards. I think they turned out awfully cute.

A bonus of this project was Jonathan's discovery that if you mix two colors, you get a new one!

He really concentrates on projects like these.

This past week Jonathan has developed a strong interest in letters of the alphabet. He wants to know how to spell everyone's name, and which letters start the names of everyone in our extended family. Since I'm about to run out of alphabet stickers, I thought I'd better create a new alphabet project!

So today we started making alphabet cards. I cut out the pictures and letters, and Jonathan glued them together. He had a good time making them, although he decided to get "shy" and refuse to actually try making the sounds or tell me what each picture was! Oh well - the point is just exposure and fun right now anyway!

As for me? I've been gestating. This baby is coming along nicely, don't you think?


Sarah Marie said...

You and your family all look wonderful, Em!

Amber said...

You look great, Emily! And you did a great job on the haircuts too. :-) I really need to tackle Gregory again... I've wimped out the last two times and let my mom do it.

I love the idea for the thank you cards, btw - I bet they turned out really well and they'll definitely be a keeper.

And isn't it fun when they get to the age when they want you to read to them? I don't know what it is that makes that sound like fun all of a sudden, but I sure enjoy it.

Laura said...

You look great - and where did you learn to cut hair? I hate spending money on a cut that seems to last a few weeks before it needs to be cut again!

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Laura, I actually didn't ever "learn" to cut hair. I absorbed some of it from watching my mom cut all of our hair when we were kids, and then I just...tried it. :) My husband was a great guinea pig - he said if I totally botched it he'd just buzz his head! I've done probably three or four cuts for Gabe, three for Jonathan, and two for Thomas now, and I'm starting to pick up some tricks and figure out what works. I really think you just need willing subjects and some practice to do at least a basic cut fairly well.

mhcowen said...

Emily, You look great! I am so glad that everything for you is going smoothly so far! Praise the Lord! I need to take lessons from you in hair cutting! Our neighbor is a cosmetologist and blesses the boys with their haircuts but I would love to learn!

Kelley Brown said...

Thanks for your comment on my "Laundry and Lullabies" post! That is so neat about our titles - great minds think alike! :) Your suggestions are great. I am sure your children LOVE to hear you sing to them. I guess God sometimes has different plans for the use of our talents. :)

Congratulations on your 3rd baby! You look fantastic!

Blessings to you,