Monday, May 05, 2008

Pentecost and baptismal celebrations

Pentecost is coming up! For us, this means celebrating both Pentecost and Jonathan's baptismal day. Because our children are baptized as infants, we want to celebrate their baptismal days each year. The day that they became part of the family of God should be a special remembrance and a celebration, not just something that happened back before they could remember it! We think that if we're intentional about celebrating each year, we'll be teaching our children to value their position as children of God and understand membership in the Body of Christ more and more as they grow. We also hope that by remembering baptismal days, our children will never feel like they "missed out" on adult baptism.

Here are the things I'm currently planning for our first celebration. Some are specifically related to Pentecost, and some specifically to Jonathan's baptism. Together I think it will be a really nice way to observe the day!

* Red rose petals scattered on the table (to represent flames)

* Wooden birds to hang over the table (to represent the Holy Spirit - although I'm having a really hard time finding any! Does anyone know where to get plain carved wooden birds in flight?)

* Cinnamon hearts for dessert (spicy food is traditional on Pentecost, but my kids do NOT like spicy food. This compromise seems like a good one, since I'm pretty sure they won't object to spicy candy!)

* A white candle on the table (to remind Jonathan of his baptismal candle)

* Re-reading the baptismal vows together as a family.

* Looking at pictures from Jonathan's baptism and talking about what happened that day.

The first three ideas came from Jessica, who wrote a great post about celebrating Pentecost at Homemaking Through the Church Year. Thanks, Jessica! You've made my job easier!

Anyone else have suggestions?


Sarah Marie said...

Emily, I love your ideas for remembering and celebrating your kids' baptisms.

I actually regret my adult baptism... it was outdoors, in a lake, and very casual. The pastor was cracking jokes right before he baptized me. Sigh.

It's a coincidence to read your post this morning, because just last night Nathan and I were talking about infant baptism / 'dedication' ceremonies in our church, and what we think about those things.

Sarah Marie said...

P.S. Birthday card and gift on the way, big sis!

Amber said...

I definitely want to celebrate the kids' baptism this year and I like your ideas a lot. I think I will have to steal them. :-) I'm trying to think if I've read any other good ideas on the subject, but I'm not remembering anything. I think I'll probably make a cake for them, as it seems like a birthday of sorts... and birthdays deserve cake! And besides, I like to make cakes (and eat them too!).

I really need to start doing more to celebrate the church year. Jessica has some great ideas on the subject, but I've been seriously lacking in implementation. I keep telling myself "one of these days" and in the meantime the days and opportunities keep slipping by. *sigh*

ruth said...

Do the birds need to be wooden? What about something like this?

ruth said...

These are pretty cool, too, and less expensive:,36-826,default,cp.html?SC=XNET8035

Shelle said...

I'm not sure...we don't really do that, but sounds fun, and what a great way to remember that they ARE children of god!!! Good Luck with it!

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