Saturday, May 10, 2008

Baptism Celebration!

We celebrated Jonathan's baptism this evening. A day early, but the logistics worked out much better this way!

First, he helped decorate. We spread a lace tablecloth, filled vases with red flowers, and then took apart a few of the flowers to make petals. Jonathan thought this was lots of fun.

He got to toss the petals across the table, with splendid results.

See? Isn't that a pretty celebration table?

Then we all sat down and read the Pentecost story in The Jesus Storybook Bible. That is an amazing book; if you have children you should own it.

Tongues of fire!

Jonathan listened pretty intently.

We also said the baptismal vows from the Book of Common Prayer together.

Dinner was spaghetti (red sauce!) and we followed it up with spicy cinnamon candy. Yum.

I'm really happy with the way the evening turned out. It was low-key and yet celebratory and special. I think Jonathan enjoyed it. I'm already looking forward to doing this for Thomas' baptismal day next spring!

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