Wednesday, May 28, 2008


There is a baby up in heaven today. She wasn't mine, but I loved her and I prayed for her and I wanted her to be mine. Her mother listened to the devil's whispers and believed the lie of the "easy way out". Just some tissue, just a problem to be taken care of. Over in a few hours. I ask God to care for this little one, and I know that he will. I want to ask him for forgiveness for the mother, but I'm not enough like Christ to do that yet. I can't even think about forgiveness for the doctor.

Little one, you are so loved. Be safe in the arms of Jesus.


mhcowen said...

Oh Emily, as I craddle my dear sweet Ana in my arms and read your blog, my heart has hit my stomach. I am sorry for your personal grief with the situation and I will pray for you that God will give you great wisdom in ministering to your friend.

Jen said...

your friend shared my thoughts better than I could so I'll just echo her prayers

theolsons said...