Friday, May 23, 2008

Not-so-little things

I'm in the process of applying for Cal-COBRA health insurance. This has been a headache from the first, particularly since we didn't expect to need to pay for it! After a month, however, we've made some decisions and figured out what we need to do, and Gabe faxed the paperwork in yesterday. I called this morning, just to be sure that the fax had gone through and check if there was anything else I needed to do to make the process go smoothly. There is an early June deadline for squaring it all away, so we really don't want any surprises this late in the game.

I talked to a lovely woman named Veronica, who assured me that she had our application there, and directed me to call back about payment on Tuesday when our information would have been entered into the computer. I thanked her and hung up. About an hour later, Veronica called me back, asking for clarification regarding Thomas' coverage. Given the track record of our insurance company, this is nothing short of miraculous. Ten minutes on the phone resulted in the realization that the paper she had in front of her was NOT the same one we had faxed yesterday, and she was able to track down the correct paperwork. She's entering us into the system right now, and I feel such relief that someone who cared enough to check on a discrepancy is working on our file.

It's a little thing. Only it isn't little at all - because it could have been another employee and we might not have found out about the problem until it was too late. I'd rather not have to deal with the COBRA headache at all, but since we do, I'm glad to know that God is watching over us even in these little and not-so-little things.

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