Wednesday, May 23, 2007

WFMW - day planner

Recently Jessica passed a gorgeous Franklin-Covey day planner on to me - she didn't use it and asked if I would. Oh yes, I would! It is one of those nice, fake-leather, zippered planners that can hold everything you can think of needing (except for toys and changes of clothing and juice and diapers and...ok, nevermind.) But it does hold everything that I used to carry (and actually use) in my purse.

So now I don't carry a purse. And I can't tell you how freeing it was to permanently get rid of one of those infernal bags I was always carrying over my shoulder. Seriously, three bags is way too many! No wonder my back always hurt! Now I'm down to one diaper bag, plus a tote if we're going to be out doing errands. I can carry Thomas in one hand and hold Jonathan's hand with the other, without having bags sliding down my arm in the process. And I just feel more "together" and capable when I'm not loaded down with bags.

Another helpful aspect is that now, if someone asks me if I can babysit or go to the park, I can check my calendar right then and answer them (instead of saying "I have no idea, can you email me and then I'll check my calendar?") Or if I want to write down a phone number or a book title, I don't have to scrounge for an old receipt at the bottom of my purse - I just write it down in my notes for the day in the planner.

I tell you, it is wonderful. Organized. Non-cluttered. Easy. It sure does work for me!
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