Tuesday, May 22, 2007


For some time now, Gabe and I have been singing a lullaby to Jonathan each night before he goes to sleep. It is a song that I first learned from a Psalty record:

All through the day,
All through the night,
Dwell in His promises,
Walk in His light.
Darkness shall flee,
At His command,
All through the day and night,
We're in His hand.

I think it is a perfect bedtime lullaby - a reminder of the One who holds us in his hand and will never let us go, all through the night. I think every mother has had panic moments of "is my child breathing" and this song helps me put those fears to rest. I hope that it will help Jonathan put to rest any of his fears, as well.

Tonight, Jonathan sang the whole song with me. Every line. It is the sweetest thing I think I've ever heard.


Ruthie said...

Hey! That's our goodnight song too! I hadn't heard of anyone else using it. We love it, and it's a nice prayer for me as well. I'm loving hearing the potty training posts; we're about to start with Jackson, who is 2 1/2. ;)Ruthie

Emily said...

Hey Ruthie,
Thanks for commenting! I tried to check out your blog but it is for invited members only - would you consider letting me read it? I'd love to keep up with what's happening in your family. Last time I saw you, I think you were pregnant! Wow, it has been awhile. :)