Tuesday, May 22, 2007

PT update

Today we went out for four hours of doctor's visits and grocery shopping and errands, and Jonathan didn't have an accident. Ok, can I just say that again? Not one accident! Four hours! Out and about in unusual places doing scary or exciting things!

Barring some really impressive backsliding, I think we've just about made it.

I have a question, though, for those of you who have done this before: what do you do if he wets himself on purpose? Because I think that is what is happening when he get mad. You see, if I put him in a time out, he almost always pees in his underwear. And I have no idea what to do about that.


Still, I am quite frankly jubilant about only having one boy in diapers!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Jonathan and his Grandmother have more and more in common. We're doing PT every day too, but ours is Physical Therapy - Dad

Lettie said...

I haven't been there yet, but I would probably make them sit there in it until timeout it over. Other than that, I don't know. I think it's on the same level as rolling their eyes, not much you can do about it but ignore. Then again, I'm not there yet.

Kelly said...

We deal with the exact same thing. When Mary is mad (or lazy for that matter...she sometimes does it because she thinks it's funny too), she pees on the floor. We give cold showers to clean off in these cases. We communicate through this that 1) it's icky and you need to get clean; 2) it is uncomfortable being icky and 3) it cleans her up! And afterwards she has to practice, practice, practice! She hates cold showers and practicing and shapes up immediately.

Mary is fully 'pee' trained. She hates pooping on the toilet (and we've tried bribery too!) Do you have any ideas for that? (:

Ogle4 said...

Hey, Emily - Peyton did have a few accidents when he got really upset. He had to take his own clothes off and put them in the sink, then we put him in a cool (not too cold, but definitely not a nice comfy) shower, making a big deal of how concerned we are that he has yuck on him. You could also start holding time-out in the bathroom, since that's an easier floor to clean up than a bedroom. We did that until he got over the phase.

Ashley said...

I'm glad Jonathan is doing so well. As far as the wetting himself on purpose, I would do what Laura suggested. Make him clean it up himself and make sure that is not a fun job.