Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Today was full of things that reminded me just how much I like being a mother.

Potty training success (only one accident all day!)

Watching Jonathan run outside, arms extended straight out for balance.

Sitting on the bed with Thomas and Jonathan, singing silly songs and making up hand motions to go with them.

Jonathan apologizing to Thomas (for hitting him), then gently patting and kissing him.

Helping Jonathan share stuffed animals with Thomas, and "trade" every ten seconds.

Thomas sticking out his tongue and smiling at the same time.

Jonathan running across the room and throwing himself into my arms for a hug.


Dy said...

I love those reminders. There will be a lot more apologies in the future. But there will also be a lot more pats, hugs, kisses, and giggles. Sounds like you had a lovely, heart-warming day!


Kelly said...

wow, Emily. I am so impressed! I have heard that potty training is more difficult with boys and you're managing it with a newborn!

Jennifer F. said...

What great reminders. And potty training success! I'm so jealous!

BTW, I read blogs on Bloglines and your posts don't show up. Any chance I could talk you into changing the setting under Settings > Feeds to show the full post? ...Or if you have it set the way it is for a reason please ignore my lazy request. :)