Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bring out the big guns...

We're on week four of potty training here. Progress has been slow but steady, and I think we'll see success sooner rather than later. The last few days, however, we seemed to hit a plateau. If I set the timer every half hour or so and enforced "at least try" every time it beeped, then we had no accidents. But he just wasn't making the transition to telling me when he needed to go.

Yesterday I tried not setting the timer at all, but reminding him (and mandating trying) every hour or so if he hadn't gone in awhile. It sort of worked, but we had a few accidents and a lot of frustration - he just didn't want to leave his toys to do something boring like sit in the bathroom!

So today we brought out the big guns.

Chocolate chips.

If we remind Jonathan to go potty, he doesn't get any. But if he chooses to go sit on the potty and produce something? Glory be, those chocolate chips come raining down. Two at a time. :)

I'm hopeful that this will get us over this particular hump. Now if only Mommy could muster enough courage to take potty training outside the house!


Anonymous said...

This is a funny mom song about the joy of potty training and motherhood.

Jennifer F. said...

Please keep the potty training posts coming! I'm about to start with my 2.5-year-old son, maybe next week, and find the subject fascinating. Let us know how it goes!

Anonymous said...

Good job with the big guns. A mother needs to use every tool at her disposal. Mom used raisins for you, but it was peanut M&Ms by number four. Sorry about that.
Hang in there, very few boys go to college in diapers.
We love you, Mom and Dad