Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This morning Jonathan and Thomas both had well-child check-ups. Thomas didn't need vaccines, since he'd had them a few weeks ago, but Jonathan did. One shot for Hepatitis A, and a finger stick for iron levels in his blood.

Jonathan was very concerned throughout the visit. We had explained what would happen earlier that morning, and I think he understood, at least somewhat. But it really is just strange to go to a new place and take off all your clothes and be touched and prodded and have someone look inside your ears! Even if you do get to watch it all happen to your baby brother first, and even if the pediatrician is incredible (ours is). By the time the exam was over, Jonathan was definitely unhappy and concerned. He hadn't fallen apart yet, but he wasn't easy.

After the doctor left, as we were waiting for the nurse to come in with the needles, I sat down on the floor to comfort Thomas (who had been an angel, but was starting to lose patience at that point!) Jonathan climbed in my lap, curled up as close to me as he could get, and said "I'm safe, I'm safe, Mommy."

Oh Jonathan. Yes, you're safe. Even though I'm about to hold you while someone sticks you with needles. Even though I can't promise that the world will be easy or that it won't hurt sometimes. You're safe with me. And I'm so glad that you know that.

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Mircat said...

that is SO sweet to hear, Emily...I always felt "Safe" with my parents, and I think that feeling is one of the best things they ever imparted to me.