Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thomas update

I haven't been posting much about Thomas, because, well, he's an infant. He eats and sleeps and poops and sleeps some more. In fact, he sleeps much of the day. Unfortunately, he thinks that the best time to be awake is between 6pm and 11pm. But we can't complain too much, because he's amazingly good about sleeping nearly solidly (usually only one waking!) from 11pm to about 6am. Blessed baby!

At nearly two months, however, he's starting to become more of his own little person. He looks like "Thomas" now, rather than a second little Jonathan infant. And he most definitely has his own little personality - very mellow, but with a few quirky opinions. One of his strongest opinions is that he does not like to sit in a wet or messy diaper. When he cries it is most likely because he wants his diaper changed. Once laid on the changing table, as soon as I start unsnapping his clothes and taking his diaper off, he gets a sappy grin on his face and coos.

He is definitely smiling when he's happy. Always during diaper changes, but also sometimes in the evenings when we're playing with him, he'll grin at us. Thomas doesn't just smile, he grins.

His other new ability is finding his hands. He has discovered that he can get his hands to his mouth and suck on them, and he sure does enjoy it! I enjoy it, too, because it means he doesn't always want to nurse or suck on my fingers. :)

He's sitting beside me right now, grinning away. See, isn't he adorable??


Jessica said...

that IS a great picture!

Amber said...

Oh my, he is getting so big already!! What a cutie.

I'm glad to hear that he's letting his parents sleep! :-)

Mrs. Speckperson said...

So cute!!!