Friday, April 27, 2007

Our week in pictures

Not including the potty training, because, well, that is just a little tmi. And I want my son to love me when he's 15. :)

Jonathan learned that he could take off his own clothes. And there was much rejoicing, although it was a little one-sided!

Thomas spent lots of time being pensive.

Jonathan let Thomas use his finger for a pacifier. I'm not sure Thomas thought it was such a great idea, though!

Car "trains" are the latest VERY! EXCITING! GAME! around our house.

And here is Thomas, looking adorable as always. He has discovered that he can sit up (albeit well propped in corners with pillows) and loves it.

We've spent lots of time in the garden: watering, cutting back flowers, weeding, and picking strawberries. This is the latest blooming flower - isn't it gorgeous?

I'm starting to work with Jonathan on helping with clean-up times. We have "blitz" pick-ups (that's what my Mom used to call them, and it stuck!) Today I asked Jonathan what he'd like to pick up for the blitz, and he chose to pick up the books. Here is the result - didn't he do a good job?

And he was so proud of himself! :)


Libby said...

What cute boys you have!

Ashley said...

I love the pictures. Thomas is so cute! He is starting to look more like himself and less like Jonathan, I think. I'm glad Jonathan is learning so many new skills. Taking off clothes is exciting, if you can get him to do it when it's time to dress himself :)