Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ants!! AHH!!!

Thus wailed my son this afternoon. I was letting him water the garden while I hung laundry on the line, and evidently he flooded an anthill. The poor child was covered in ants. On his arms and legs, in his clothes, inside his diaper, in his hair. It was a disaster, and he was so horrified! I stripped off his clothes, brushed as many out of his hair as I could, took off his diaper and dumped him directly in the sink for a bath. It took awhile to get them all out of his hair, but I think we succeeded. Poor child! I guess next time I give him the hose I'll have to watch more closely. I knew we had anthills in the garden but I just didn't foresee that result.

I was quite properly sympathetic during the whole ordeal.

May I please giggle, just a little bit, now? Because it really was awfully funny. :)


Ashley said...

Hee, hee, hee...

Sarah Marie said...

haha... and this is the child who freaked out about a smudge on the wall that he thought was an ant a while ago, right? Poor kid, he must have been so traumatized by this!