Tuesday, April 17, 2007

For Heather

Some of you may have heard about this already - it is certainly making the rounds of the internet (at least the corner where I hang out!) Heather is a Christian mommy-blogger who just found out that she has a brain tumor. She and her husband are going to Mayo Clinic on April 25th, and praying that the doctors there can help her. This is, obviously, going to be a huge financial drain on their family, particularly since one of her children has lots of medical needs (you can read Emma's story here). So BooMama is organizing a love offering to help them out. Please take a few minutes - read a bit about Heather's journey (only a week, but such a long week) and read what BooMama has to say. Pray for Heather. And then consider giving, if you can.

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Diane said...

It has been a privelege to pray with so many for Heather...and it is now our blessing to contribute in a very meaningful way.

Blessings abound--don't they!