Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Jonathan has begun to participate in his "night-night" prayers before bedtime. Now, instead of us just praying with him, we'll ask him who he'd like to pray for, and often he'll just interject prayers as we go along. Last night Jonathan's prayers included the following:

"Be with Maggie, be with the kitty-cat. Be with the bike."

Maggie is my parents' dog, the cat belongs to our neighbor, and the bike is his new birthday tricycle. He is definitely praying for those things that are important in his life! :) Actually, though, Jonathan's prayers aren't always so funny - often they include requests for God to "be with Grandmommy and Granddad and Christopher" and other family members. So sweet.

And while I'm updating...
At two years old, Jonathan is a bundle of energy. I am so very glad that we live where we do - we have at least a small backyard, and more importantly we live at the end of a little residential "cul-de-sac" of sidewalk (not street) in our complex. I can let Jonathan run around outside without fear for his safety - we taught him how far he could go, and he is very good about staying "in bounds".

He loves going to the park for Mom's group and will often ask during the week "go to park? See friends? I'm pretty sure he can sort of keep track of the days, too, because if we miss a week he gets confused and starts asking frequently why we aren't going to the park to see our friends! On Monday Ashley invited us to come hang out at a park with them, and Jonathan spent two hours running around non-stop with Autumn and Hunter and another little boy who was playing there. He had a blast! If he could live at the park with other kids, I think he would.

Thomas is still his smiley self, and a joy to be with. I love just snuggling with him, or holding him on my lap and "talking" back and forth with him. He is so undemanding that sometimes it is easy to just set him down and go "get things done" or spend far more attention on Jonathan (who is demanding!) - but then I look at him and he smiles at me, and I remember that what Thomas really wants right now is just to be looked at and smiled at and talked to and held. I wish, sometimes, that I could just spend all day doing exactly that!

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Katherine@Raising Five said...

Thank you for introducing your sweet family. It's so nice to meet you here! Children's prayers are so sweet, and you're right - they tell exactly what's important to them!

Will pray for your husband's continuing education decision. Thankfully a PhD is not really necessary for what my husband does, because we seem to take forever to get through (he was 30 with the first degree, 40 at the second - so would he be 50 with this one?). Not sure I'd deal so well with that!

Have a great day!