Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Potty training update

Yesterday's potty training experience yielded about 50-50 results. I washed 5 pairs of underwear. We only made the attempt in the morning, and had him in diapers in the afternoon.

Today, however, he seems to be getting the idea! I put him in underwear at 7:30am. I put him in a diaper at 1:45pm for his nap (much sadness ensued!) During that time we only had two accidents, and we had some pretty major successes as well! The best was when he informed me that he needed to poop, and we ran to the potty, and he did! :)

I shouldn't hope too much, for fear of jinxing it. ;) But I'm starting to wonder if he might just really be ready to do this, and it will be an easy transition. Because so far, it really is being pretty easy. I'm not getting much done in the way of chores, etc., because I have to be fairly vigilant about reminding Jonathan and asking him if he needs to go. And we're spending A LOT of time playing outside, because that saves my carpet if he does have an accident. But if a week of a dirty house means no more toddler diapers? Oh, I am SO in favor of that!

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