Sunday, October 28, 2007

Warning: politics! :)

I'm curious what you guys think of Wayne Grudem's endorsement of Mitt Romney as a presidential candidate. You can read his reasons here:

I found this article quite convincing, and some digging into Romney's positions has made me seriously consider him my choice for the nomination. Many people (and many in the media) are saying that Romney can't win because he won't get the Evangelical vote. What do you think? Should he?


ACMe said...

As out of the loop as I am (by my own choice, I don't watch the news, and previously have basically decided that politics is boring), it seems to me that he would be a good choice. The article is VERY convincing, and until I do further research on the other candidates, I would say that I would vote for him.

Linds said...

I find it hard to understand why evangelicals are kowtowing to candidates who are (or recently have been, in Romney's case) liberal on core conservative issues when there are candidates across the aisle who are (1) outspokenly Christian and (2) working towards the same goals.

But you probably already knew that. :)

Jonathan said...

Well Emily, you already know my opinions on this - but yes, if Evangelical Christians are foolish enough to refuse to vote for him because he disagrees with us on THEOLOGY, regardless of his agreement with us on MORALS and ETHICS, the conservative vote will be divided and Giuliani will become the Republican candidate.