Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Technology geek

This morning Jonathan asked to listen to music on the computer. When Gabe went over to help him turn it on, he found that Jonathan had already done nearly everything. He had turned on the computer, opened the zippered cd case and removed a cd (Glenn Gould!), and then opened the dvd tray and inserted the cd into the computer. All by himself. The only thing he hasn't mastered, evidently, is using the mouse to click on the "itunes" icon.

Technology holds a real fascination for Jonathan. Gabe thinks that it may be because it is such a direct cause/effect relationship: push this button and lights turn on, push that button and a tray comes out, push this key and the whole computer shuts down. Whatever the reason, he is becoming very good at it, mostly without being specifically taught. In fact, he taught me which button on the keyboard puts the computer to sleep! He's also very good at using the digital camera, and loves to click through the photos we've taken.

I wonder how much technology is good for him. I don't want him growing up into a preteen (or younger!) who thinks that life begins and ends at the computer screen, and so part of me thinks that two years old is far too young to begin the technology love affair! Still, I can't find anything specific that I think I ought to be doing differently right now.

What do you think, dear readers? How do you handle technology with your own little ones?


Linds said...

I don't have little ones, but based on my observations in the classroom, teach that boy everything you can! You can always demand later that equal time be spent outside running around when he wants to spend all day on the computer, but the complete tech un-savvyness that exists in my school with kids who were raised with technology is appalling. Teach away! :)

Courageous Grace said...

My little one isn't quite here yet (he's due in January) but hubby and I are both computer nerds. I have a feeling little George is going to be programming in a year or so ;).

We do plan on having a rule that goes something like "you have to spend x amount of time playing outside before you can get on the computer".

Sarah Marie said...

There's something about (most) boys and technology! Nathan always says he loves anything with buttons or switches! Whenever I'm making something in the kitchen and NOT using my KitchenAid mixer or some other electric appliance when I could be, he throws a small fit. :) When I first met him I thought he was an indoor music geek to the hilt, and since then I've been constantly surprised by the things he can do: change a tire, fix my car a/c, reformat a hard drive, build a computer from parts, network printers, build a sound system from parts, fix the washing machine, lay a vinyl floor, tear down and re-build the shower, fix the toilet...

I'd say let Jonathan be tech-savvy. You'll be glad you did when he's helping you work the 100-button remote control someday. :)