Thursday, October 11, 2007

Being oldest

We had our first major instance of oldest child frustration today. I had put both boys in the kitchen sinks to give them baths and then let them play in the water while I cooked dinner. This worked well for awhile, but Thomas kept trying to either steal the water faucet, or turn it off, not to mention grab whatever Jonathan had in his hand. Jonathan cycled through an impressive repertoire of "please share, Thomas", and "it's my turn, Thomas", and "no, no, Thomas" but to no avail. Finally he sighed deeply, turned the water off himself, and announced "we're all done, Thomas."

I could hardly get them out and dried off, I was laughing so hard.


Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) said...

I heard somebody suggest once that the double-portion for the first born was in recompense for all the mistakes the parents made because he was the first.

I loved the idea-- and I'm not even the oldest.

Sarah Marie said...


I am really impressed with his patience. Even in his exasperation, he was polite!

Christopher said...

Wow Em!! It sounds like he got a little bit of your personality! What a great kid! :)

Keep up the good work with parenting my nephew!


ACMe said...

awww! Jonathan is so cute! his response it amazing! and the fact that he just decided that they were both done, instead of whining about how frustrating the situation must have been for him is awesome! :)