Monday, October 15, 2007

The sounds of our house

Thomas: Rarararararah!!!! Rararrrrr! Rararm! Gggg!

Me: Oh Jonathan, you spilled hot chocolate on your pajamas!
Jonathan: Yes, well, that happens sometimes.

Thomas: Rarrrgurgle!
Jonathan: Thomas, row your boat gently down the patticake bakers man!

Me: *finishes singing a song*
Jonathan: What shall we sing next?
(This one will go on forever, particularly if we're in the car!)

Thomas: aaahhh!!!!!
Jonathan: Thomas, say "Mommy, I dropped my bottle."
Thomas: aaaaaaahhhh!!!!!
Jonathan: Thomas, say "Mommy, I want more food please."

Jonathan (singing): A B C D next time won't you sing with me?
Jonathan: (singing): hm, and hm, hm, and hm, flowing hmhmmm...

Thomas: *giggles* gurgle *giggle*

Jonathan: Mommy, I want to do doey.
Me: I don't know that word. You want to do "doey"?
Jonathan: *giggles* I'm just joking!

Jonathan: Mommy, who loves you?
Me: I don't know, why loves me?
Jonathan: Jesus loves you! because he died on the cross and then was alive again!


Libby said...

That's pretty funny. I liked this one particularly "Jonathan: Thomas, row your boat gently down the patticake bakers man!"

Christopher said...

Gosh! How old is that son of yours! 37?

You have some amazing kiddos!


Sarah Marie said...

cute conversations :)