Thursday, August 30, 2007


Lately Jonathan has taken to spouting nonsense words. I think he's just playing with sounds, having fun with it. It makes it a little trickier for me to know when I ought to be listening to him, though!

A few days ago he said something while we were driving in the car (not the easiest place to hear him). I turned off the a/c so I could hear better and asked "Jonathan, what did you say?" He thought for a minute and then said "Mommy, I'm just talking nonsense."


Robyn said...

He He! At least he's honest! My son constantly talks nonsense and then gets mad when I repeat it back to him in an attempt to figure out what he is saying. I recently learned the word "meme" is actually "door" in his language. Gee, who knew! :)

Laane said...

I had to laugh.
They can have such great answers.

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