Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back seat driver

Yesterday evening I took the boys to Downtown Brea to play in the fountains. Does anyone else think that they look remarkably like upside down toilet plungers?

Maybe it is just me.

On the way there I had the radio on, listening to the news, until I realized that Jonathan was talking to me. I turned it off and asked him to repeat himself. He said "we're goin' to the Brea fountains! Go straight, Mommy, and then turn." I thought he was just making conversation, so I said "ok, we'll do that. You tell me when to turn." Of course, I didn't think he actually would. But as we came up the the turn onto Brea Blvd, Jonathan got very animated and said "Mommy, mommy, turn!" And after we turned onto Brea, J repeated "now go straight and then turn," which is exactly how you get to the fountains.

I've noticed for some time that Jonathan has a very well developed sense of where he is when we're driving in the car. In fact, if I tell him we're going to place X and then change plans or want to stop at place Y first, he'll get very worried and ask why we're not going to place X. He knows where he is. But I didn't realize he could actually give me directions!

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