Monday, August 13, 2007


Last Saturday was the day for Project Eradicate Mold. Due to leaky pipes, particle board cabinets, and probably other reasons that I'm sure we'll discover later, our lower cabinets had become rather detrimental to healthy living. Something had to be done.

We emptied everything out of the cabinets, bought four spray cans of Kilz, and covered the particle board surfaces. Then we turned on a fan and aired out the house and crossed our fingers.

It smelled like paint. Then it smelled like...nothing. Blessed, blissful, nothing. If you've ever lived with a kitchen that smells like mold for months and months, you'll understand just how wonderful this is. :)

Anyway, today was Project Put The Kitchen Back Together. I don't have the "before" pictures (trust me, you do NOT want to see our moldy cabinets anyway!) but the "after" results are quite pleasant. I put down pretty shelf paper:

And reorganized everything. I'm actually really glad for the impetus to reorganize, because I'd been living with some badly planned layouts and I'm much happier with the new ones. See? Clean and tidy!

I can actually reach everything now. I'm anticipating getting more use out of the wok, now that I can see where it is.

And I moved my baking sheets, muffin cups, etc. over to the hutch cupboard. I'd been bemoaning the fact that I didn't have a tall skinny cabinet for them, and then realized that I did have a tall cupboard. Creativity abounds here, oh yes. :)

I like projects like this. There is an ugly beginning, and a messy middle, but an oh-so-satisfying end result.

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Jonathan said...

I feel like this post deserves a "good job" or something like that ;)