Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Computer time

I'm finding blogging time to be seriously limited right now. Mainly because of two things: children and...ok, just one thing.

When Jonathan was younger, he would get upset if I sat down at the computer. Now? He wants his turn. We've actually had to set up a 15 minute "computer time" rule - he gets to sit at the computer once a day to look at "trains and airplanes!!!!!!!" (thank you, YouTube!) and when that time is up, it is up. :)

It is strange to me to have this be an issue with my two-year-old. It makes sense, I suppose, since Jonathan sees Gabe working on the computer all the time, and I spend a fair amount of time there, too. Still, it is something I hadn't thought I'd be dealing with until he was quite a bit older.

In any case, since I'm limiting Jonathan's time, I think it is only fair to keep my time on the computer limited as well, especially when he's awake and aware of it. So if I owe you an email, I am oh-so-sorry. Perhaps I'll get to it in 2023.

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