Monday, September 10, 2007


Amy was diagnosed with leukemia in July of 2006. If you have a minute, go read her faith-filled blog entry about her diagnosis. She, her husband Brandon, and her little son Gary have spent the past year in and out of hospitals, diligently seeking remission and health and life.

I started reading her blog some months ago and was overwhelmed by her faith in the face of a great fear - not dying, for as she said, that was her "easy part", but of leaving her family to have to go on living without her.
We wanted to raise our son, to grow old together, but God has different plans for our family. And as much as we don't understand them right now, we know that He is sovereign over this as well. Please pray for us, and for my family especially. My part in all of this is rather easy. I get to die and be with my Savior in glory. I get to miss out on all the suffering this world holds. It is my family who bear the grief and the pain day in and day out. It is for them that my heart breaks.

Hold your loved ones a little closer for me today. Live life a little more -- wear your dressy clothes around the house just because life is really short and stains don't really matter. Don't get impatient about the little things.

Someday we'll understand why.
Amy fought the good fight, and today she finished her race. She is rejoicing in her Savior's arms now, but Brandon and Gary are going to miss her so very much. So please, take a few minutes today, and tomorrow, and and next month, and pray for them as they grieve.

You can read Brandon's recounting of Amy's last minutes with him. Also, Shannon has a really nice remembrance posted.

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