Tuesday, September 04, 2007

WFMW - Brand Loyal Edition

I've been (in)conspicuously missing from Shannon's Works For Me Wednesday carnivals lately, mostly because I ran out of interesting, bloggable, things that worked for me. At least, I ran out of ones I could think of quickly. :)

But this time I have a GREAT one.

I am usually the least "brand loyal" person around. I will buy the spaghetti sauce that is on sale, with a coupon, doubled. Thank you very much. So when Jonathan was born, I bought the socks that were on sale at Target. And then I tried the socks that were really cheap at Walmart. After that, a basic package at Kohls. Oh, the frustration! Those silly cheap socks weren't worth the money (little though it was) that I paid for them. Either they were too loose and they'd slide right off his kicking little feet, or they were too tight, cut off his circulation, and and left sock band imprints around his tiny ankles.

Then when he was about six months old, someone gave me a belated shower gift that included BabyGap infant socks. And it was love. They were soft. They didn't slide off his feet. They didn't leave ugly painful red marks on his ankles. They had anti-slip grips on the bottom. They were perfect.

They are $2 EACH, and I have to make a special trip to the mall to get them, but we haven't bought our socks anywhere else since.


SingForHim @ Real Life said...

Hi Emily! I'm so glad you stopped by today! I'm with you on the socks! Slipping sock drive me mad!

I seems we have a lot in common. I taught Middle school chorus and elementary general music till I had my first daughter. I dream of teaching High School or college one day. I gradually started teaching private lessons, and I love it.

I love your title, too.

girlymama said...

I am also TOTALLY loyal to babyGap socks. Mainly because they have the sizes right there on the outside. Genius! That way when I am sorting my kids' socks, it is super fast and easy!

Adorable blog!!

ellen b said...

I'll stick that in the "when I'm a grandma" reminder box! Blessings.

Laane said...

Slipping socks..ugh!!

It's great you have found these. Especially because they are anti-slip at the bottom.
I used them very long for my girls. They fell less when they were able to walk.

Nancy said...

Old Navy socks are pretty good, too (same company as Gap). My peeve with other brands of baby socks was that they all SHRANK, except the Old Navy ones. Look on eBay to get them cheaper, too - I got an assortment last spring on there - included Gymboree and Children's Place socks, too, that have proved to last fairly well too. In a lot of things, I'm more loyal to best price than the brand but in this case, name brands = better quality. I'm fitting a toddler now, though, so the infant stuff might be different.

Annabelle said...

We had a few of these when the boys were little!

Totallyscrappy said...

Some of my favorite socks! I'm down to the last few pairs for my 4 year old. I know his next socks will not fold and won't have the non-skid letters that say, "Old Navy," "Baby Gap" or "The Children's Place". Sniffle, sniffle. Is it okay to have another baby just for the socks?

Amber said...

My mom got Emma some of those recently and they are nice. I've been buying the Old Navy ones ever since I had the same experience as you did w/ the generic/dept. store socks. The Old Navy ones have been great, although I do think the Gap ones are a little softer and feel nicer. I can generally find the Old Navy ones for 8/$10 or sometimes a little less if I remember correctly. Which reminds me - Gregory needs new socks. :-)