Monday, September 17, 2007

Our life in pictures

Lately Jonathan has been playing with our small plastic farm animals. I actually just got them out for Thomas, but Jonathan is enjoying them the most!

He did this all by himself!

Autumn and Hunter come over occasionally to play. Autumn LOVES playing with "Baby Thomas".

This particular day I had worn them out! So we all collapsed on the couch with books to recover.

Sometimes Gabe and I will take the boys down to the pool to swim. It isn't our favorite thing to do because neither Gabe nor I are crazy about the water. That alone wouldn't be such a problem; the real issue is that Jonathan, who begs and pleads to be taken swimming, will very often refuse to get in the water. "You do it, Daddy." Poor Daddy!

Still, we do sometimes succeed in getting both boys into the water. Thomas enjoys it if he's not too tired. And Jonathan is slowly but surely (with lots of good encouragement from Gabe!) getting more comfortable in the water. Sometimes he'll even "jump" off the top step into Gabe's arms! And last time Gabe taught him how to kick his feet behind him while held up (and very very safe!) on Daddy's chest. He's such a good Dad - even in the things that he really doesn't like doing!

I should re-nick-name this kid "smiley". If he's not tired or hungry or sick, he's usually smiling.

And he's out! This is Thomas' method of choice for falling asleep. I go in after he's quiet and take the diaper off his face. :)


Jessica said...

I agree about Thomas! He's the smiley-est baby I know!

Christopher said...

Great pictures Em!


I think Shmoopy's got the Knack! What an amazing balancing job!

Love you!

Amber said...

Great pictures! I'm with you on the whole getting in the water thing. I try to avoid swimming and such as much as possible, which completely confounds my water loving mother. Thankfully, since she loves the water so much she takes the kids swimming when ever we visit her house and I don't have to step foot in the pool! My kids like it too, at least at this point. Emma loves it and would spend all day in the pool if possible, but Gregory only really started enjoying it this summer.

BTW, I love the sleeping method, what a silly little guy.