Saturday, January 06, 2007

A year of posts

I got this idea from Dy (who got it from someone else, who probably got it from someone else...) and liked it. You're supposed to post the first line from the first post of every month in the previous year. So I went through my archives and did so. The result is...odd. But since I've already done the work, here it is for your reading pleasure. :)

No, I didn't fall off the planet.

February (this one is kind of funny because it is also referring to Dy's blog.)
I love reading this woman's blog...she is the mother of three boys and an infant daughter, and her writing never ceases to either amaze me or make me laugh or make me think.

It remains to be seen if the check actually arrives (has anyone actually received one of these?) but if it does, great rejoicing will ensue!

The sun is shining.

I don't often link to Dooce, because she has some pretty questionable language at times, but this post really captures the new perspective you get as a parent.

Jonathan is really excited about ducks right now.

After about two months or more of agonizing ("what if he looks ridiculous? What if I cut his ear off?") I finally cut Jonathan's hair.

Even though I am pregnant, the mother of a cranky toddler, and woke up with a cold this morning, the closet is ORGANIZED.

We're doing some so-called-"weekend" projects this week.

I just cut Gabe's hair for the second time.

On Wednesday, I took Jonathan for a walk to the park.

I'm making an attempt at doing something Advent/Christmas related for each day of Advent this year.

It is actually kind of fun looking back through my archives and seeing how life changed. A year ago Jonathan was so little. A year ago Thomas hadn't been conceived yet. A year ago I could almost fit back in my normal jeans (sigh - I sure miss them!!) A year ago I was still involved in karate. A year ago I was trying to lead a non-existent youth group at church. A year ago my sister wasn't married, my brother wasn't engaged, and my mom hadn't had a stroke.

I think maybe it is a good thing we can't see the future. God's gift to us may just be that we live life one day at a time, and then can look back and see his pattern in our lives.

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Dy said...

What a year it has been! I'm glad you did this.

Happy New Year!