Friday, January 12, 2007

Of kittens

This afternoon, I was showing Jonathan a few pictures that we got from Lettie. They included some admittedly adorable pictures of their new kitten. Now, Jonathan has an ongoing love affair with cats. Any cats. He tries to pat every cat that comes within sight, much less reach. The highlight of our week, for him, was that he actually found a cat that would let him pat it! So Jonathan's reaction to the photos was not all that unexpected, I suppose:

J: Kitty!
E: Yes, it is a cute kitty, isn't it?
J: Pat it?
E: No, we can't pat it - it is a picture. It is on the screen, and we don't touch the screen, remember?

(Various repetitions of this occur three or four times.)

J: (silence for a moment) Hug it?
E: Um, honey, we can't hug it either. I'm sorry, it is just a picture.
J: (somewhat frustrated) Have it?

My poor son. He wants a cat so badly, and of course his mother has to be allergic to the silly creatures!!

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Sarah Marie said...

aw, I'm glad I've gotten to spend time with Jonathan recently - I can imagine him saying all those things. You know the thing he says for "hold me?" something like "ho-dee?" I think that is the cutest.