Wednesday, January 17, 2007

WFMW - baking and bathtime

When my son was very small, I bathed him in the kitchen sink. It was so much easier on my back, and he fit in there so nicely! But at some point I switched over to bathing him in the tub. I guess I just figured that he was a "big boy" now, and that was what big boys did. And you know what? He stopped getting so many baths! Because I hate giving tub baths. And I especially hate giving tub baths when I'm too pregnant to bend over. :)

Happily, I have now found the solution to this dilemma. Jonathan gets baths in the sink again. Yes, he's a toddler, but he still fits! I got the idea first because he likes to play in the sink while I'm cooking, and second (and most recently) because he also likes to take all his clothes (including his diaper) off while playing in the sink. So now the body wash resides in the kitchen, and my son is cleaner than in past months. :)

The beautiful thing is that while Jonathan plays in the sink, I can turn the kitchen into baking central. Fresh bread, muffins, etc., all can be made with minimal hassle while Jonathan is occupied. As long as he gets to play in running water and taste my wares, he will be happy for as many as two hours. Two hours!!!! This is also a good time to put dinner together in the crock pot, since often Jonathan needs more focused attention in the afternoons when I'd normally be cooking dinner.

It works for me! Check out Shannon's blog for more great ideas!


Kara said...

I wish I had a bigger sink so I could do this! Our baby can barely bathe in our kitchen sink cuz it's soo small.

Nikki said...

I love this WFMW tip! I know my little girl and little boy would still fit. And they'd have so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

Amber said...

Oh, neat! You don't have any trouble keeping him warm if he is in the sink that long? Also, do you have a hard time keeping him seated? I stopped giving Gregory a bath in the sink because no matter what I put in the sink for him to play with, he would start to try to climb out to get everything on the counters after about 15 minutes. He also seemed like he cooled down pretty fast too.

I'm glad it works so well for you - generally when I'm doing a lot of baking and Gregory isn't happy, then it is time for the backpack. But if I were pregnant that wouldn't be an option!

Emily said...

I usually don't worry too much about Jonathan getting cold. When he gets cold enough he asks to get out! And if he chooses to climb or stand up, that means playtime is over. Usually he'll be obedient because he wants to play more. But Gregory may not be old enough for that.

Larae said...

Great idea =) Thanks for sharing!