Monday, January 01, 2007

Clutter begone!!

Our families were very, very, very nice to us this Christmas.

This morning as Gabe and I started putting all the presents away, we realized that we didn't really have anywhere to put a lot of it. Which means, really, that we have too much stuff! So we went on a mission to clean out, reorganize, give away, and generally declutter our home before adding a bunch of new things.

The results have been quite satisfying. :) We have two large stacks of books ready to be either listed on amazon (if they're worth anything - we're not sure yet) and two large and overflowing bags of stuff to be given away. On top of that, we've gone through Jonathan's toys and put away those which he's outgrown or lost interest in.

I'm happy, because I feel like we're being better stewards of our space and possessions. And even with the addition of all the Christmas presents, we're still less cluttered and the closets are more organized. Yay. :)


Gabe's Dad said...

yay!!! glad you got that accomplished, it really does make life easier. hows the fish doing?

Story said...

Hi! I'm Sarah's friend and college standpartner, Story. It was great to see that video from the hospital wedding. Having just had my mom with me at my son's birth, I could really resonate with your apprehensions about doing this without her. God bless. I hope it goes so well!