Monday, January 08, 2007

Clothing...or the lack thereof

Jonathan has decided that not wearing clothing is infinitely preferable to wearing clothes. This morning he wriggled himself out of his footie pajamas, then informed me that he liked to be naked and didn't want to put any clothes on. I let him run around in a diaper, but drew the line at going outside that way. His next attempt looked like this:

"See Mom, see? I'm wearing my jacket! I'm all ready to go outside!!"

We did finally get dressed on the promise of going out for a walk to the park. :)

Then this afternoon, immediately after his nap, I was changing his diaper and he asked if he could be naked. And added "please". What's a mom to do? I put him in a cloth diaper and then put him in the kitchen sink to play in the water. Turned my back for a minute and returned to find my little monkey - really naked. No more diaper for him!

He got a bath this afternoon. Why let such an opportunity go to waste? :)

Now I'm just waiting for the day when I turn around in the grocery store, only to find him sans pants!


Mrs. Speckperson said...

I know of a mom (I absolutely adore her-she's an awesome parent) who one time in the grocery store turned around to discover her child pantless and peeing in the refridgerated foods. So, pantless by itself is not so bad. :)

Dy said...

ROFLOL Mrs. speckperson - that's priceless.

Nekkie is the best way to be. Even Smidge, at three, prefers to do his nature studies au natural... this would be why we don't go into town quite so often. But it's a great way to be.

Personally, I like the jacket/diaper combo. It's toddler hip! Totally! (And he is SOOO cute!)