Monday, January 29, 2007

Ready to pop :)

Yes, I'm still pregnant. Yes, I'd like this baby to come soon. Yes, by "soon" I really mean "yesterday".

Technically I'm not due yet. But it is hard to forget that by my original date estimates, I'm now just a bit overdue. Add to that a weekend full of contractions that hurt but were completely randomized (seriously, there was no pattern. Sometimes they came every seven minutes, then would stop completely for two hours, then would come regularly every 20 minutes...) and feeling nauseous and wanting to cry over everything. Then last night I was awakened every. single. hour. with contractions and a desperate need to use the bathroom. It did seem like something ought to come of all that. But this morning - nothing. Not one contraction!

So. I'm spending the day consciously remembering to enjoy Jonathan - after all, he's about to get a lot less attention! And I'm doing the last tiny things on my "before Thomas comes" list. And trying not to think about how I'm so very not in labor.

I'd appreciate prayer as I wait out these last days (however many they end up being.) First, that I would be patient! :) And second, that if it is going to be awhile, my body would calm down and just wait until it is ready to go, instead of doing this half-hearted not-really-labor thing. It is very tiring - after last night I think getting up to nurse a baby will seem rather blissful. :)



Amber said...

You say that now! :-D

I'm definitely praying for you though, and I'm eagerly awaiting the news of Thomas' arrival!

Sarah Marie said...

Ooh I can't wait for my second nephew to arrive!! I hope you'll keep my updated and let me know when the *real* contractions start...

Nathan and I are thinking of you and praying!