Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WFMW - coffee table/toy box

When Jonathan was a few months old, we realized that our glass-top coffee table was really going to have to be replaced. Banging baby/toddler hands just don't mix well with glass! So away to a new home went our beautiful coffee table, and the search for another, more appropriate style was on. We knew we wanted something made of real wood, for the durability factor. But even on sale, wood coffee tables at traditional furniture stores would have seriously broken the bank.

Enter Lettie and her love affair with IKEA. :)

Lettie convinced me that a trip to IKEA would be really fun. She was right. We had a great time browsing through the store, and miracle of miracles, there in front of me was the perfect coffee table. Real wood, and only $99.00!!!

The best part, though, is the way the underside is designed. There are six compartments, each able to hold two small baskets of toys. Or a line of board books. Or a stack of puzzles. You get the idea. It is so much better than a traditional toy box, because nothing gets lost (or crushed) at the bottom. The baskets hold the small things and the larger ones can be lined up neatly. It is easy to find the toys we're looking for, and easy for Jonathan to know how to help put them away. It is one of the most efficient uses of space that we have in our house - it definitely works for me!

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Mari said...

That is beautiful! I love the baskets. Combining two things into one is such a wonderful thing!

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Jill said...

LOVE that! I am going to have to find one like that for my house. Thanks for sharing this!

Amber said...

Hey, nifty! We put toys and such on the two lower shelves on our living room bookshelves... which works pretty well, but your coffee table looks like it would work better since it is deeper. Sounds like a great find!

Qtpies7 said...

thats awesome! Maybe I should check out Ikea! I have a glass coffee table, but I'm not getting rid of it. I was just thinking a few minutes ago that I would have to take the magazines off the bottom shelf of it so that the baby won't pull them all down, rip them to shreds and eat them. hehe I can use baskets for his toys under there though!

Linds said...

Dude, we have exactly the same coffee table, but our six once-spacious cubby holes are crammed with books! Hooray for functional furniture!

Bevany said...

We have some friends with a 14 month old baby who bought this same coffee table for the same reasons! I love it! I want one too! But since we already have one coffee table too many after our move to the small condo, I think I'll have to be satisfied to admire yours. . . and your good taste.