Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I'm making an attempt at doing something Advent/Christmas related for each day of Advent this year. I know that Jonathan is still pretty little and won't remember it, but I think I'm doing it more for me this year anyway. And because I want to get in the habit, so that when he is old enough, it won't be so hard to fit these things in!

I have such great memories of Christmas preparations with my family. On the first day of December we made a numbered chain out of construction paper. Then each night, we'd take off one chain link, excitedly announce "X more days until Christmas!" and Mom would tell us which fun Christmas event we'd do that night. Sometimes it was making paper snowflakes, sometimes getting out Christmas decorations, sometimes drinking eggnog, sometimes reading from The Twenty-four Days Before Christmas. Sometimes it meant bundling up and going to Victorian Christmas in town, or driving around and looking at all the Christmas lights. Whatever it was, it was always fun!

So this year, I'm attempting to do something of the sort. :) Not in the evenings, particularly, because evenings tend to be short with Gabe getting home late a lot. But the goal is to do something. And maybe if I try to update what we've done on my blog, we'll have a better chance of actually accomplishing the goal. :)

So far it has been fun!

December 3rd (first Sunday of Advent): The Advent candles are set up, and a wreath is on the front door. And Jessica and becca and I spent 6 hours making candy for Christmas presents. (Oh wow, is it ever good!)

December 4th: late night eggnog with Gabe. :)

December 5th: Jonathan and I washed the sliding glass window together and then put up vinyl clings (thank you, Grandma M!)

Note how toddlers do not place stickers upright. And how (mostly) ok I am with that. ;)


Linds said...

That candy looks so good! Oh how I wish I had been there. Thanks so much for calling me! :) It's nice to know those you love haven't forgotten about you even when distracted by such delicious treats.

Sarah said...

mmm, wanna share any recipes? :)