Friday, December 08, 2006

Update on Mom

Thank you for your continued prayers for my mom and family. Here is a bit more current information:

Mom is doing better. Not great, but better. She's been moved to a "transitional care" hospital - out of the trauma intensive care unit at last! She has a trach tube with a lever on it that allows just a little air to move past her vocal cords when you turn it on. This allows her to actually talk (well, whisper!) to Dad when she isn't too tired. It is great to know that all the important parts that make her Sandy are still working. She has her sense of humor, she has all her memories, she's very much herself. She is also able to move her fingers and toes very slightly now, which is good. She tells Dad that she can only do one thing at a time - it is very hard for her to do anything - so she can't talk and move her fingers at the same time, for example.

She'll be in transitional care until she's strong enough to enter an intensive rehab center. She needs to be able to handle 3 hours (minimum) of therapy a day, and right now she's not even close to that. So please pray that she'll recover strength really quickly and be able to transfer soon.

From there we have no idea how long it will take or how much movement she'll regain. I'm trying not to think too much about that, and just focus on the tremendously good news that her mind and personality are ok, and be grateful for each little improvement.

Thank you for praying!

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