Saturday, December 16, 2006

13th day of Advent

Last night we had Christmas early, so that we could get together with Gabe's family as well as mine (we're driving up to visit my family next Saturday). I rather like getting to have Christmas twice. :)

Phillip, Gabe's brother, covered himself in glory by driving out to pick Jonathan and me up. The drive to get us wasn't too bad, I guess, but the drive back to their house took 2.5 hours. It should have taken about half that. Poor Phillip. He was so gracious about it, though.

During the car ride, Jonathan drank an entire cup of juice and an entire cup of milk. When we got there and I took him out of his car seat, I discovered, that he was wearing the (hopefully) one diaper in the package that was, um, not functioning correctly. His clothes were soaked. And I really mean soaked. So he got to play "naked!!!!" for awhile while we washed his clothes.

The only thing that he likes more than being "naked!!!!", I think, are the snowmen in this picture. You press their hands and they sing and dance. They sang and danced for most of the evening. :)

True to toddler form, the bows and paper were more interesting than the gifts inside. You can't see it very well here, but Jonathan has a bow on top of his head.

Isn't he cute?

More fun with paper...this particular picture was captured in the midst of many giggles.

My handsome husband, just because it is such a good picture of him. :)

Oh yes, a good time was definitely had by all!

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