Friday, December 22, 2006

Cute things my son has been doing lately...

Saying "bess-you!" whenever anyone sneezes or coughs. He also says it to himself when he sneezes or coughs.

Running around the room, wooden airplane held over his head, making airplane noises. I don't think anyone showed him how to do this - he just decided it would be fun!

Spinning in circles just because. He giggles while doing it and then gets so dizzy he can't walk in a straight line, and often falls over.

Advent activities are probably mostly over for this year, since we'll be leaving very early tomorrow to drive up north to my parents' house for Christmas. We'll be there for about a week, since we're staying for my sister's first (of two!) weddings. So this is probably my last post for awhile, unless Jonathan does something just too cute to keep to myself. :)

So enjoy the rest of Advent, and an early "Merry Christmas" to you all!

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