Tuesday, December 12, 2006

10th day of Advent

Today we raided the Christmas closet. The main reason was to get out our little Nativity set. My sister made this for me some years ago. I keep hoping she'll make some more figures to round out the set - aren't they just perfect?

Of course, opening the Christmas closet means that you have to see what else is in there. And wrapping paper makes you think of all those gifts in the gift drawer. So you need to open the gift drawer, too.

And there are lots of gifts to be wrapped. And you don't want to be wrapping them all at the last minute, do you? Because that takes the fun out of it.

So we wrapped a few presents. :)

Jonathan got his own scraps of ribbon and paper, and made himself useful by rubbing his finger over every piece of tape that I put on the packages. :)

Aren't they pretty?

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