Thursday, December 07, 2006

5th day of Advent

Christmas lights! We actually hung Christmas lights today!

This is a big deal because I have never done this before. When I was a kid I lived out in the middle of nowhere, in a very tall two-story house. It would have been an amazing chore to hang lights, and no one would have seen them anyway. So we didn't. And I guess I never really missed them.

But wow, it is fun to do it now! And Jonathan is in heaven. His favorite phrase now is "turn on!" so we have lots of conversations about how the Christmas lights only turn on when it is dark. :)

Sorry for the fuzziness of the photos - it is hard to take good pictures in the dark!

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Amber said...

I should try to take a picture of our lights too! We hung ours on Tuesday. Yours look great, I love how cheery they look!

I hope that Matt and I hang Christmas lights even when we live in the middle of nowhere - I really enjoy seeing them!