Wednesday, December 06, 2006

4th day of Advent

This evening before Jonathan went to bed, we all sat down on the couch together. First Jonathan got to open a window on his Advent calendar card. This is a very big deal. He had been looking forward to it all day. :) Then Gabe read the first few pages of The Twenty-four Days Before Christmas out loud to us. Jonathan's attention span really isn't long enough for this book yet, so he got up part way through and prowled around the family room. But I thoroughly enjoyed it! For some reason that book just says "Christmas is coming!" to is one of my favorite childhood Christmas traditions.

Tomorrow the plan is to put up outdoor Christmas lights!!!

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Amber said...

Thanks for posting all of your Advent activities, I've enjoyed reading about them. I've been keeping a list of our activities too. Ever since reading that book to Emma last Christmas season I've wanted to do something special each day. I bought my own copy of the book in October and we started using it as our family story-time book a couple days ago. I hope that this book will become part of our favorite Advent activities too!