Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More miscellany

Jonathan likes brushing hair. A lot. He'll use his brush or my brush, brush his hair or my hair or Gabe's hair - I don't know what the appeal is, but he sure enjoys it!

Block towers are very appealing. They can be knocked over to make such a lovely crash!

For months, now, we've been using signs for "all done" and (less consistently) "more". Jonathan never seemed to get it, until this past week or so. Now he uses "all done" every time. He sort of created his own version - it isn't exactly the way we'd been doing it, but it is entirely recognizable. He uses it when he's finished at meals and also when he's finished nursing. I'm really glad we taught it to him, because it is very helpful to have him simply wiggle his hands instead of screaming!

1 comment:

Amber said...

Oh, that's neat! I'll have to figure out some of those to use with Gregory when he gets a little older. I think Emma will think it is fun too.