Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Lately, Jonathan has become much less obedient. He's disobeying in areas that we hadn't had trouble with for months! Its like he remembers everything we've ever said "no" about, and is trying to do them all every day. And when corrected, he throws a fit. He'll scream, bang his head on the floor, or hit my face, grab my glasses, and pull my hair. It is disconcerting to have him responding with such violence. Even just a calm "Not for Jonathan" can elicit this type of response. And it seems to be quite calculated...I'll pick him up so he can't hurt himself banging his head, he'll try to pull my glasses off, and when I won't let him do that he screams and pulls my hair. I'm pretty sure he knows that it hurts and is doing it on purpose. It's a strange sensation, having the little person you love more than anything trying to hurt you because he's angry. He's MY little sinner, and I love him dearly, but it rather makes my heart hurt.

Have any of you readers encountered this problem? I can't have the only strong-willed one-year-old out there! ;)

I think I blog more on days that aren't going well. Writing is catharctic - and posting it reminds me that I'm not all alone! Too bad the chores don't get done too! :)

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Sarah said...

Strong-willed? A child of yours? How could this be?!

hang in there. ;)