Sunday, May 14, 2006

Beach trip! (warning - lots of pictures!)

Yesterday was a really, really, really lovely day. Gabe took Jonathan to the men's breakfast in the morning about 7am, which gave me some beautifully uninterrupted time to put the house in order, take a shower, and work on composing. Then when they got back, we did a few more chores, an errand or two, Jonathan had his nap and we watched an episode of Hogan's Heroes (a really funny tv series). It was fun and relaxed and pleasant, and we actually got a lot done too. And then, at 2pm, we walked out the door, beach bags in hand, to go play at the beach! As you can see, we had a great time. :)


Dy said...

The fifth photo from the bottom absolutely MUST be enlarged and framed!! That is priceless!

What fun! But, the curiosity is killing me, what's the hubby reading on the beach???


Emily said...

You have no idea how many cute photos we got! I pared these down from over 100. :) I love that one too, Dy.

Oh, and Gabe is reading "Black Ships Before Troy". It is a children's re-telling of The Illiad, illustrated by Alan Lee. We're really enjoying it so far, and will probably end up buying it to read to Jonathan when he's older.

Amber said...

That looks like such a fun day! What great pictures, thanks for sharing them. And I really like your new haircut. :-)

I've heard of that book, I really want to get it at some point. I have a friend who has been reading it to his son since before he was born.