Monday, May 08, 2006

I remember WHY I love my son

Hugs. Jonathan knows how to hug us, and he will often do so when we request it. It is adorable and makes me remember how much I do love him. :)

He also really likes hugging teddy bears. Particularly after naptime - he'll wake up and reach for the bears on the shelf, and snuggle with one for a few minutes as he wakes up.

Another neat thing that I forgot to blog about a few days ago: Jonathan's sense of "rightness" in the world is really developing. Not moral rightness, I guess maybe orderliness is a better word. Anyway, he knows how many things "ought" to be, and is disturbed if they aren't that way. For example, a few mornings ago we were all in the bathroom brushing teeth and getting ready for the day, when Jonathan suddenly pointed at the trashcan and with great concern said "uh oh, uh oh!" When we looked, we found that a kleenex had missed the can and ended up on the floor. Jonathan knew that it was trash, and therefore should have been in the trashcan, and was very intent on calling our attention to it so that we could fix things! Gabe and I were amazed - that is pretty high level thinking for a one-year-old!


Jonathan said...

I like the Jonathan hugs, too! He's an enchanting little boy.

Dy said...

Oh, Emily. Those hugs are among the many, many things that will make you sit back and know, in your heart, that you got the better end of the deal. Really, you will.